Solar Installations:

Peak Electric are certified installers of Solar systems, &┬áNew Energy products. Our chief engineer trained in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and has experience mentoring home owners in how to plan and design home solar systems, Using methodologies learned in Third Level Electrical engineering courses. At PEAK ELECTRIC we take the necessary time to make the right decision, sometimes months…because the correct choice of Solar product for the right in the correct position, is the center of focus.

Solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy, isn’t it amazing, but because of the limited lumens of energy available in the northern hemisphere, particularly in Newry, Northern Ireland, which shares a line of latitude with Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Solar Products require a survey to discover the optimum location for Lumens of Solar power.

Using the knowledge learned in Vancouver BC, Our chief engineer will personally call to your home or business and carry out a client survey, this is a free quotation, our only hope is that you take Solar energy seriously and understand the long term impact of the choices you make this year. Our weather will change and you have 5 – 10 years until you break even on your investment. So take time to make the best choice, But let our Chief engineer help reduce the risk you you and your family and help add value by using the knowledge learned from University Level Institute and a forerunner City and Country for the world.

We can be on site and have an audit carried out with a weeks notice, sometime it will be next day, sometimes it will take 5 days, this is because we are a young adaptive company, we service our clients well and carry out all inspections and safety inspections, all work is carried out to a higher standard than is set by UK by the government.

This is because our Chief engineer trained in British Columbia, Canada, Their system works on 110volt and as such is a lot more modern, and has adapted to a better, clever, efficient system, This is not just opinion, take for example the USA and Canada, they both run on 110Volt home electricity supply, and the untied kingdom runs on 240v, so over the last 50 years, the untied kingdom has wasted a quantifiable amount of energy, for 90% of the same home products, like Tv’s, Lights, Street Lighting, Sensors, etc.

If you are interested in a free Solar Survey and you live in Ireland, North or South of the Border, please get in touch via the Peak Electric Newry contact page.


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